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Food news,
are you eating with
love for your body?
To Love your body
give it what it needs.

Critical Health News

Check it out!

Click here for audio - Ben - Fuchs- on Coast to Coast

Registered pharmacist, nutritionist and cosmetic chemist,
Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts, and offered
tips on supplements and healthy changes to one's diet and
lifestyle. It has recently come out, he reported, that it
was known more than 50 years ago

that sugar was one of the
main culprits of heart disease,

but instead the sugar industry
hid this connection and pushed the blame onto fats. We can
"hack into" our sugar drive, he suggested, by eating more
protein, which, like sugar, provides energy to the body,
albeit in a slower mode.

One of the best strategies for anti-aging and dealing with
anti-inflammatory diseases is to eat smaller portions of
food, he noted. Zinc is especially important for the brain,
Fuchs pointed out, and deficiencies in it have been associated
with schizophrenia. Zinc lozenges are especially good for sore
throats, he added. Acupuncture can be incredibly effective and
it works by readjusting and redirecting the body's electrical
energy system, he revealed.

For the Love of Your Body check out Critical Health news.com

What Are
The Healthiest

By Jess Kapadia
It’s no news that whole spices and herbs are
as good for you as they are delicious. They
add depth and complexity to foods, as well as
a host of health benefits (think antioxidants,
anti-inflammatory properties, immunity boosts).
If you’re interested in adding all that good stuff,
plus wonderful flavors to your go-to dishes
(or new specialties), here are five of the
healthiest spices and herbs around.

For the list and article click the below link

Long used in traditional Eastern medicine for its
numerous benefits, turmeric can now be found Stateside
in everything from smoothies and soups to teas, salad
dressings and more. It’s added to many brands of powdered
and prepared yellow mustard to give them that extra-deep
hue, and it’s used in beauty products like skin creams and
hair conditioners.
Turmeric contains a high concentration of a compound
called curcumin, which has antioxidant properties and
can help treat inflammation and swelling in muscles and
joints and reduce fatty buildup in vital organs.
Preliminary research suggests curcumin may slow the
spread of — and possibly prevent — some kinds of cancer,
as well as liver and heart disease.

There are lots of different kinds of peppercorns, all
with helpful attributes beyond adding a little zing
to your food. Research has strongly suggested that
piperine,a compound in all peppercorns, lowers
cholesterol, slows the growth of tumors, prevents
oxidative damage and boosts the efficacy of many
potent plant chemicals, like curcumin. Turmeric,
for instance, should be consumed alongside pepper
in order to absorb the highest concentration of curcumin.

Click here for the full article
and the list of spices

8 Anti-Inflammatory
Spices for Easing Arthritis

Experts explain how to cut down
on arthritis symptoms with a
healthy dose of flavor.
By K. Aleisha Fetters

Living with arthritis is no picnic. Depending on
the type and severity, this disease can make
everyday tasks such as tying shoes or even
walking impossible.In fact, the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention points
to arthritis as a leading cause of disability
in the U.S., with 54.4 million adults being
diagnosed annually. While there are many
different types of arthritis, and they have
traditionally been classified as either
inflammatory or non-inflammatory, emerging
research shows that chronic low-grade inflammation
plays a role in virtually all of them, including
the most common forms, osteoarthritis and
rheumatoid arthritis. The immune system’s
response to injury, illness or any mental or
physical stressor, inflammation triggers the
body’s healing and repair process – at least
when it occurs in short, small doses. However,
long-term inflammation can result in a host of
health maladies and, in those who develop arthritis,
joint degeneration. Damage to the body’s pain
processors can also occur, thereby exacerbating
pain and other uncomfortable symptoms.

1. Turmeric.
2. Black pepper.
3. Garlic.
4. Cinnamon.
5. Cayenne.
6. Ginger.
7. Cloves.
8. Saffron.

For the full research article click
the link below.
The full article explains the benefits of each spice

Mobile Notary Public
for Yucca Valley, 29 Palms &
Joshua Tree Calif.


Report Update

Click here for the full report ... Brought to you by Lynnette's Mortgage Signing Services


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Found in Joshua Tree Ca.
Purple cactus with yellow blossoms
by Claire Plowman.
Claire Plowman Art, Yucca Valley, CA
Life is exciting and enables me to
view the world around me with sensitivity
and gratitude.

Sampatti’s Deals

Sampatti’s Deals @ Amason.com

Joshua Tree, California,
is still the Wild West

Click here for the


by Mona de Crinis, DESERT magazine

HI Desert Artists article from
the Desert Sun magazine

Social Security

about social security;

Get What’s Yours has proven itself to be the definitive book
about how to navigate the forbidding maze of Social Security
and emerge with the highest possible benefits. It is an engaging
manual of tactics and strategies written by well-known financial
commentators that is unobtainable elsewhere. You could try reading
all 2,728 rules of the Social Security system (and the thousands
of explanations of these rules), but academia’s Kotlikoff, the
popular press’s Moeller, and public television’s Solman explain the
Social Security system just as comprehensively, and a lot more
comprehensibly. Moreover, they demonstrate that what you don’t know
can seriously hurt you: wrong decisions about which Social Security
benefits to apply for cost individual retirees tens of thousands of
dollars in lost income every year. (Some of those people are even
in the book.)

Click here for the book
Get What's Yours - Revised & Updated:
The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security
(The Get What's Yours Series)


A coauthor of the New York Times bestselling guide to Social Security
Get What’s Yours authors an essential companion to explain Medicare, the
nation’s other major benefit for older Americans. Learn how to maximize
your health coverage and save money.

Social Security provides the bulk of most retirees’ income and Medicare
guarantees them affordable health insurance. But few people know what
Medicare covers and what it doesn’t, what it costs, and when to sign up.
Nor do they understand which parts of Medicare are provided by the
government and how these work with private insurance plans
—Medicare Advantage, drug
insurance, and Medicare supplement insurance.

Do you understand Medicare’s parts A, B, C, D? Which Part D drug
plan is right and how do you decide? Which is better, Medigap or
Medicare Advantage? What do you do if Medicare denies payment for
a procedure that your doctor says you need? How do you navigate the
appeals process for denied claims? If you’re still working or have
a retiree health plan, how do those benefits work with Medicare? Do
you know about the annual enrollment period for Medicare, or about
lifetime penalties for late enrollment, or any number of other key
Medicare rules?

Health costs are the biggest unknown expense for older Americans, who
are turning sixty-five at the rate of 10,000 a day. Understanding and
navigating Medicare is the best way to save health care dollars and use
them wisely. In Get What’s Yours for Medicare, retirement expert Philip
Moeller explains how to understand all these important choices and make
the right decisions for your health and wealth now—and for the future.

Get What's Yours for Medicare:
Maximize Your Coverage,
Minimize Your Costs
(The Get What's Yours Series)

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Scroll down for the Water Report.
What water should I drink?
Recommended daily water intake, how
much water does your body need each day?

Baking Books

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Books about
Baking bread
and desserts.
Books about
Baking yum yum
bread & desserts


Cakes & Cookies
homemade local bakery
Food gift ideas cake, pizza,
bread, cookies & more
offered from the
Bread Lady of Joshua Tree.

Cakes & Cookies
homemade local bakery
Food gift ideas cake, pizza,
bread, cookies & more
offered from the
Bread Lady of Joshua Tree.

Click here for the Breaad Lady
call and place your order 760-610-9040

About that Calif. Gas Tax

An Idea! Repeal it!

Eating disorders are very serious
and many times fatal.

Calm, pleasure and satisfaction is what most people experience
after eating. But for people with eating disorders, food brings
anxiety, disturbance and noise. Dr. Hill takes a look from the
inside out from the "sound" to the biology of these diseases and
how the future holds a different approach to manage the illness
while bringing these patients hope.

Eating Disorder Help San Francisco

Food reports & research
is the food you eat good for
your body?

Too Much Sugar Linked To
Reduced Memory, Brain Volume

Alice G. Walton , CONTRIBUTOR
The sugar-brain connection isn’t just a theory anymore.
There’s some fairly convincing and reproducible evidence
that too much sugar in the diet is linked to cognitive and
brain deficits. Two new papers, both deriving data from
the long-running Framingham Heart Study, bear this out.
One study finds that sugary drinks are linked to pre-clinical
Alzheimer’s disease: Poor memory and reduced brain volume in
certain areas. The other study finds that artificial sweeteners
aren’t much better—they’re linked to a greater risk of stroke and
of dementia. So it seems like we’re damned if we do and damned
if we don't, at least when it comes to sweetened drinks.

Click here for the full report

The Sugar Trap
| Risk Factor "Sugar" In Modern Nutrition

How much Sugar do you need each day?

What is SugarScience?

SugarScience is the authoritative source for evidence-based,
scientific information about sugar and its impact on health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has put a historic stake
in ground on the subject of sugar and health, issuing new guidelines
that call upon countries to reduce the consumption of added sugar.
Sugar Science.ucsf.edu

The Grid Problem

Grid Failure what does this mean?
How long can one live without any power?
No power for ten years? what will you do?


Sampatti is a magician with baked goods! You can taste the magic
and love in every bite. She uses only the finest quality ingredients
and can custom bake for a special occasion or for special dietary needs.
Her breads are amazing, her desserts divine and be sure to ask about her
savory dishes.

She knows recipes from all over the world!
She very kindly took some apples a friend of mine had canned and turned
them into the most delicious pie for just a very small fee. It was such
a kind thing to do and her pie was a million times better than any one I
could have made!
You can go to her home or find her outside The Beatnik Lounge on market days.

Click here for more information
about Sampatti the Bread Lady

Sampatti Reviews on Yelp

Car & Truck Window
Get July 2017 Discount!

Use code word "Holy Moly"
Adobe Tinting
5984 Adobe Road
29 Palms CA

Adobe Tinting 29 Palms

Makers Market
every last Weekend
10 AM close 4 PM.

Makers Market
July 29 & 30, 2017

Joshua Tree Park Newpaper
Summer Guide: June–September 2017

Click here for the Park Newspaper

Senior Wellness
Across The Web.

Click here for the articles and news
Senior Wellness Across The Web.

Seniors' Health

Having a healthy lifestyle can help you
to deal with normal aging changes and make
the most of your life.

People in the U.S. are living longer than ever before.
Many seniors live active and healthy lives. But there's
no getting around one thing: as we age, our bodies and
minds change. There are things you can do to stay healthy
and active as you age.It is important to understand what
to expect. Some changes may just be part of normal aging,
while others may be a warning sign of a medical problem.
It is important to know the difference, and to let your
healthcare provider know if you have any concerns.

Click here for the full report

10 Delicious Herbs and Spices
With Powerful Health Benefits
By Joe Leech, Dietitian

The use of herbs and spices has been incredibly important throughout history.
Many were celebrated for their medicinal properties, well before culinary use.
Modern science has now shown that many of them do indeed carry
remarkable health benefits.
Here are 10 of the world’s healthiest herbs and spices, supported by research.
Click here for the full report

8 of the world’s healthiest spices
& herbs you should be eating
By Kerri-Ann Jennings,

Read the full report click here,
healthiest spices and herbs

Reference Sites

A reference site

Top 15 Most Popular Reference Websites | April 2017

Here are the top 15 Most Popular Reference Sites
as derived from our eBizMBA Rank which is a continually updated average
of each website's Alexa Global Traffic Rank, and U.S. Traffic Rank
from both Compete and Quantcast."*#*" Denotes an estimate for sites
with limited data.
The Source
Click here for ebizmba.com


Top 10 Resource Websites for Startup Entrepreneurs

Home School

Homeschool.com is happy to announce
our Top 100 Educational Websites for 2017.

Get Listed,
Promotion is
our Service,
for Business
& Community.

Get Promotion, get listed

Books about
Baking bread
and desserts.
Books about
Baking yum yum
bread & desserts


The Tortoise Telegraph is a new hi-desert publication
focused on all the unique and incredible aspects of life
in the Joshua Tree area. We're based here, and our focus
is exclusively on the gateway communities for Joshua Tree
National Park.
Joshua Tree Tortoise Telegraph

Yucca Valley,
29 Palms,
& Joshua Tree CA.

Click here, check out
special deals from
Adobe Tinting
5984 Adobe Road
29 Palms Ca,

Free Classifieds List

Free Classifieds List click here

Eating well is becoming more and more of a science,
with new research showing us which foods may lower
our risk of disease, and which are increasingly
pointed to as the culprits behind ill health.

Read the reports.

Click here for food & your health reports, know what you eat

Facts of life:

If you are going to eat what you only
like make sure you have a great health plan.

When you think about eating,
think about Nutritional values.
What does my body need to
operate at high efficiency?

What water
should I drink?
water research

Health Benefits of Drinking Pure Water
I can't say enough about the health
benefits of drinking pure water.
Here are only a few of the many health
benefits you and your family will enjoy
once you make the switch to pure water:

Maintain a healthy body weight
Properly digest food and absorb nutrients
from food.
Have healthy, glowing skin
Decrease muscle and joint inflammation
Have better circulation
Detoxify your body naturally
Finally, the extensively researched and
fascinating book, Your Body's Many Cries
for Water, should be required reading
by all, and definitely belongs on every
health care practitioner's bookshelf.

Read the full Report about what water to drink.
Stay informed for your Body and Health.

Research is by
Dr. Mercola research

How Drinking More Spring
or Filtered Water Can Improve
Every Facet of Your Health

By Dr. Mercola
With all the different types of water out
there and all the hype that goes with each,
it can be very easy to get confused about
which types of water are really best for
your health. And, if you find yourself
struggling with the environmental concerns
of bottled water versus the dangerous chemicals
in tap water, I understand.

That's why I created this page to help clear
up some confusion and help you take control
of your health.

Research is by
Dr. Mercola research

Your Body's Many Cries for Water:
A Preventive and Self-Education Manual
for Those Who Prefer to Adhere to the
Logic of the Natural and the Simple
in Paperback.
by Fereydoon Batmanghelidj

Click here
for more information about the book.

There is a silent and growing epidemic of
chronic dehydration. So many suffer from
it yet are simply unaware of the symptoms.

Are you one of them?

The major symptoms of dehydration are thirst,
dry skin, dark colored urine and fatigue but
take a look at some commonly overlooked symptoms
of chronic dehydration.

They are:

Digestive disturbances such as heartburn
and constipation

Urinary tract infections

Autoimmune disease such as chronic fatigue
syndrome and multiple sclerosis

Premature aging

High cholesterol

Weight gain

Read the full report.

Research is by
Dr. Mercola research

How much water
should I drink?

You should be drinking enough water to
turn your urine a light-colored yellow.

If you are outside on a hot day or engaging
in strenuous activity, it is advisable to
increase your water intake as needed. It
is also important to note that as you age,
your thirst mechanism works less efficiently.
Older adults need to pay more attention to
the color of their urine to see if their
water intake is adequate.

Read the full report.

Research is by
Dr. Mercola research

Living Water
– Keeping the Balance

In choosing the right type of water for you and
your family, you want to aim for pH balance.
Distilled water is too acidic and alkaline water
is too alkaline. The ideal pH of your water should
be between 6.5 to 7.5, which is neutral.

Mountain spring water is in this ideal range.
It is some of the healthiest water on the planet
because it is "living water". Living water,
like "living food" is in its raw, natural
state the way nature intended.

Read the full report.

Research is by
Dr. Mercola research

World Health Map

HealthMap, a team of researchers, epidemiologists and software
developers at Boston Children's Hospital founded in 2006, is an
established global leader in utilizing online informal sources
for disease outbreak monitoring and real-time surveillance of
emerging public health threats.
The freely available Web site 'healthmap.org' and mobile app
'Outbreaks Near Me' deliver real-time intelligence on a
broad range of emerging infectious diseases for a diverse
audience including libraries, local health departments,
governments, and international travelers. HealthMap brings
together disparate data sources, including online news
aggregators, eyewitness reports, expert-curated discussions
and validated official reports, to achieve a unified and
comprehensive view of the current global state of infectious
diseases and their effect on human and animal health.
Through an automated process, updating 24/7/365, the system
monitors, organizes, integrates, filters, visualizes and
disseminates online information about emerging diseases in
nine languages, facilitating early detection of global public
health threats. Download our brochure to learn more.

Click here for Health Map

Recommended daily
water intake

Food provides about a quarter of our daily water intake.
The "adequate intakes" recommended for total water from
all sources each day (for adults between 19-30 years of age) are:

3.7 liters (or about 130 fl oz) for men
2.7 liters (about 95 fl oz) for women.

How much water
should I drink each day?

Written by Markus MacGill
Knowledge center
Last updated: Thu 10 March 2016

Full report click here

Medical news today.com

Staying safely hydrated

Generally, if you drink enough fluid so that you rarely feel
thirsty and your urine is colorless or light yellow — and
measures about 6.3 cups (1.5 liters) or more a day if you
were to keep track — your fluid intake is probably adequate.
If you're concerned about your fluid intake or have health
issues, check with your doctor or a registered dietitian.
He or she can help you determine the amount of water that's
right for you.

Read the full report: click here

About Water

Global resilience analysis
of water distribution systems

From: science direct.com by: Kegong Diaoa, Chris Sweetapplea,
Raziyeh Farmania, Guangtao Fua,
Sarah Warda, , David Butlera,

This review identifies understudied areas of emerging contaminant (EC)
research in wastewaters and the environment, and recommends
direction for future monitoring. Non-regulated trace organic
ECs including...

Most Downloaded Water Research Articles
The most downloaded articles from Water
Research in the last 90 days.
A review on emerging contaminants
in wastewaters and the environment:

Current knowledge,
understudied areas and recommendations
for future monitoring

Click here for the full report

Evaluating and enhancing resilience in water infrastructure is a
crucial step towards more sustainable urban water management.
As a prerequisite to enhancing resilience, a detailed understanding
is required of the inherent resilience of the underlying system.
Differing from traditional risk analysis, here we propose a global
resilience analysis (GRA) approach that shifts the objective from
analysing multiple and unknown threats to analysing the more identifiable
and measurable system responses to extreme conditions, i.e. potential
failure modes. GRA aims to evaluate a system's resilience to a possible
failure mode regardless of the causal threat(s) (known or unknown, external
or internal). The method is applied to test the resilience of four water
distribution systems (WDSs) with various features to three typical failure
modes (pipe failure, excess demand, and substance intrusion). The study
reveals GRA provides an overview of a water system's resilience to various
failure modes. For each failure mode, it identifies the range of corresponding
failure impacts and reveals extreme scenarios (e.g. the complete loss of water
supply with only 5% pipe failure, or still meeting 80% of demand despite over
70% of pipes failing). GRA also reveals that increased resilience to one failure
mode may decrease resilience to another and increasing system capacity may
delay the system's recovery in some situations. It is also shown that selecting
an appropriate level of detail for hydraulic models is of great importance in
resilience analysis. The method can be used as a comprehensive diagnostic
framework to evaluate a range of interventions for improving system resilience
in future studies.


Artile from collective evolution.com full report click

Sunrise & Sunset times for Yucca Valley Ca.

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Groupon Deals

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Dog Park Yucca Valley

8490 Warren Vista Ave, Yucca Valley, CA 92284
Cross Streets:
Near the intersection of Warren Vista Ave
and El Dorado Dr

Holiday with wine, a Christmas dinner
Whether It's Ham, Turkey or Prime Rib
- Pairing Wines at is a Snap

Christmas craft:
how to make a paper robin bauble
Annalees Lim shows you how to make a
festive robin bauble using recycled
paper and string.

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Cakes & Cookies
homemade local bakery
Food gift ideas cake, pizza,
bread, cookies & more
offered from the
Bread Lady of Joshua Tree.

Cakes & Cookies
homemade local bakery
Food gift ideas cake, pizza,
bread, cookies & more
offered from the
Bread Lady of Joshua Tree.

Click here for the Breaad Lady
call and place your order 760-610-9040


For our December dinner, I invite you to take a winter whiff
and explore the hearty culinary applications of California
Juniper, a large tree-like shrub growing on the rocky slopes
of this area in elevations up to 5000'. You might find it
growing around Joshua Trees, as it is here in Pipes Canyon,
or more commony, with Pinon Pine. The flavor is familiar
to gin drinkers, and hits citrus notes as they take a turn
for the bitter. I think it pairs fantastically with dairy,
and historically, it's lauded as the essential seasoning for
wild game. So take a shot...any kind, you can't go wrong! —Sarah Witt

Click here and and visit High Desert Test Kitchen
High Desert Test Kitchen


Click here for Sarah and what is High Desert Test Kitchen

Senior Wellness
Across The Web.

Click here for the articles and news
Senior Wellness Across The Web.

Tired of Lies from the Main Stream Media?
try the Drudge Report for some real news

Click here for the Drudge Report

Click here for

Coast to Coast Radio

Click here for Coast to Coast Radio

10+ Independent Online
News Sources and Why
Needs More of Them

There was a time when the nightly news was synonymous with
the words objective, impartial, fair and balanced. Reporters
and newscasters saw it as their duty and badge of honor to
inform the public, as factually as possible, of the happenings
in this country and around the world. Today, instead of
journalists such as Walter Cronkite, a legend in his own
right who brought the scandals of Watergate and the Vietnam War
to the American people unfiltered, we have the major media
outlets and their Talking Heads blindly supporting “facts”
as told to them by the government, corporations and anyone else
they deem worthy. Unfortunately, as the Iraq war has taught us,
perceived truths are not always the facts and thousands of
Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died as a consequence.
It is extremely disturbing that the mainstream media’s abject
failure to do its job and the public's abject failure to demand
that they do so could result in a "mistake" of such magnitude.

"We Don't have an investigative media in America
Our reporters donnot go after facts. They are not
'reporters," they are 'reapters.'"

Read the full article click here Click here for the full article and information

Free Classifieds List

Free Classifieds List click here

May All Your Dreams Come True

The World's Healthiest Foods

Healthiest Foods

Western Food Yucca Valley

Larry and Milt Western Cafe in Yucca Valley ... Good Eates

Mark Levin Show Mark Levin is host of the fastest growing talk show
in the current radio landscape. With nearly 150 stations
— including 20 of the Top 25 — The Mark Levin Show has
become one of the most popular, entertaining, and unique
programs in Talk radio. Mark is also one of the top
conservative thinkers and authors of the day.

The Mark Levin Show ... Excellent Thinker

The Origins and Functions of Political Parties
An encyclopedic article from Grolier
Online and The New Book of Knowledge

Click here

29 Palms Rental Homes

Rentals Home 29 Palms Ca

Happenigs Local

Local Happenings

The World’s
Healthiest Foods

30 Healthiest Foods of All Time
By Dr. Mercola
30 Healthiest Foods of All Time

Small Business Tips

Small Business
How To’s,
& Good Wishes!
Business Ideas

Small business tips click here

Checklist for Starting a
Business in California
Checklist click here

1st Saturday
Old Town
- Yucca Valley

| Facebook

Old Town
Yucca Valley
First Saturday
Latenight Shopping

Shop Closer
to Heaven
in the Heart of
the Hi Desert!
Old Town
Yucca Valley
- 1st Saturday
of the Month

check out the Link
Click here for the Yucca Events

Highlights from Joshua Tree, California

Mountain girls like me aren’t supposed to like the desert.
I never understood the allure, but it had me my first visit.
My friend owns a house in Joshua Tree, CA and drives there
every weekend from LA, where she works. It has her too. She
invited me out a couple of years ago, and I’ve been back a
handful of times since then. I don’t know if it’s the laid-back
pace, tranquility, light, or characters, but I’ve never felt
more relaxed than when I’m there.

This story is from the Enroute Traveler.

Click here for the full story ... good read it is

About the Mojave Desert

The Mojave is the smallest and driest of
the four North American deserts, covering
approximately 50,000 square miles including
portions in California, Nevada, Arizona,
and Utah (MacKay, 2003). The region is
topographically diverse, composed of a
series of mountains and valleys as part
of the Basin and Range Geomorphic Province.
Elevations range from 282 feet below sea
level in Death Valley to high mountain peaks
above 11,000 feet, but generally lie between
2,000 and 6,000 feet. The Mojave is often
considered a transitional zone between the Great
Basin to the north and the Colorado Desert to
the south, exhibiting some of the characteristics
of each region.

Click here for the full article

Desert Foods & Foods
you can grow in the winter

From Mother Earth News

What to Plant Now:
Southwest Gardening Region
Vegetable planting times can change fast in a Southwest garden,
so click to the upcoming month to learn more about what to
plant now, anytime.

If you're a Southwest gardener, you're in the right place.
If you're from somewhere else, click to find garden
planning information for your area.

For planting times specific to your zip code,
check out the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Vegetable Garden Planner.

Get the information from Mother Earth News .. Click

Guide: Seven Incredibly
Old Mojave Desert Plants

Click her for the full article

Yucca Tree fruit,
Wild Edible

Joshua Tree, CA Events

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Jobs in
Yucca Valley,

Jobs Yucca Valley

Things to do

in Yucca Valley,
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Blurry lens .com
... images of Joshua Tree Desert

Travel Art – Joshua Tree and Hanalei

Original Travel Art

Vintage trailers are the bomb and this one sits
glowing in the beautiful desert of Joshua Tree
National Park, which holds a very special place
in my heart.

“Night comes to the desert all at once,
as if someone turned off the light.”
Joyce Carol Oates


Hugh Patterson views
on Civics & Education

The time to cry about the election results is over people.
You get 24 hours and that's it. Now is the time to affect
change and take action. I started to take action today by
introducing my students to Civics, using chess as a political
battlefield. Since Civics was taken out of the
school curriculum,
most young people have no idea how the government
really works, let alone how voting works
(popular vote versus Electorial College).

What’s Jr. High or High School without civics, right?!
And what’s a better way to take a look at local government
than to attend a town council meeting?

California Desert Homeschoolers
Advocating Independent
Home & Self Education
Across The Desert!

Student Achievement Centers

Morongo Unified School District Student Achievement
Centers offers two programs to our
home schooling communities.

High School US Government Course

Knowledge is Power click here

A comprehensive digital
course on History,
Government & Economics

Click here

Top 25
Halloween Songs

From shopping malls to TV commercials to entire radio stations,
Christmas music gets plenty of attention -- but what about Halloween?
The trick-or-treat loot might be sugary and empty, but the songs sure aren't.

Halloween Songs

50 Makeup Artists
Every Halloween Fanatic Needs to Follow

Click here

About Sugar in Fruit

Fruit Sugar Chart

Fruit in Sugar Chart

What A Huge Fruit Meal Did
To My Blood Sugar (Raw Vegan Diet)

Studio Space for rent,
Office space for rent,
Shop Space,
Yucca Valley,
ECHO + Art Music Life

Be Prepared:
During and
After an Earthquake

Be Prepared for an Earthquake

Things to Do in Twentynine Palms

Things to Do in Twentynine Palms

Sky’s The Limit Observatory
and Nature Center
invites guests to
enjoy these FREE events;
no advance reservations
are required.

Music is alive
in the HI Desert

Live Musice
at Pappey and Harriets

Joshua Tree Saloon

Music at the Joshua Tree Saloon

Don't Belong Anywhere
by Tremble Weeds
Check out their Site and Music!

The Letters Home Video

Letters Home Facebook

San Bernardino County
- Events -
Outdoor Playground

There are hundreds of events in our Mountain
and Desert destinations that bring visitors from
all over Southern California, every corner of the
state, and the U.S. From signature events like
the popular Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest, the marvelous
Lake Arrowhead Antique and Class Boat Show or the
monthly Crestline Wine and Stein Walk through the
Pines. If music is more your scene we have several
music festivals were you can rock until your heart
is content; like the Joshua Tree Music Festival or
hang out with the bands at Pappy & Harriet's.
There is something that will keep you coming back
and back for more. Here are the upcoming signature
events. Check out the area websites for complete calendars.

Click here for San Bernardino County Events

Joshua Tree
Event Daddy.net

HI Desert Events

Things to do
down the hill
from Joshua Tree Ca

Click here

More listings
for Joshua Tree,
& the HI Desert
California Events

Check it Out!


Immerse yourself in the wonders of Joshua Tree National
Park and connect with the enchantment to be found there.
This course features the relationship between photography
and art. In it we will explore the artistic process and
how to grow as an artist. It is not intended to be a basic
photography class but rather an opportunity to expand your
personal interpretation and creative expression which is
the heart of the art.

Fine Art Photography

29 Palms Attractions
presented by The Harmony Motel

Attractions Harmony Motel
Twenty-Nine Palms – Joshua Tree National Park
in only 3 miles from the Harmony Motel. Other
Twentynine Palms area attractions include the City
of Twenty-nine Palms Oasis of Murals, the world’s
largest Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center,
downtown visitors’ center, art galleries, Old
School Museum, Pappy and Harriett’s in Pioneer
town, Joshua Tree Village, Pioneer Town, Yucca
Valley, Morongo Basin, Victorville, Desert Hot
Springs and Palm Springs. Explore nearly 800,000
acres of some of the most fascinating geology
found in the California desert of the Mojave Preserve.
Experience and enjoy rock climbing, hiking, camping,
birding, star gazing and incredible landscape nature photography.

29 Palms Attractions

Editor Paul Backovich
second editor Lou Anderson
specials Lois Oatess
check out our Facebook page

Check out our Facebook page

Hi Desert Classifieds Facebook
Job News ... local business

29 Palms Express Nails,
Salon News ... A Nail Salon Page

Senior Health
Balance Exercises
good for all

Slide show for
for Banalce Exercises from the Mayoclinc

Senior Health Balance Exercises

Statue Dedicated
in Joshua Tree, CA

Statue in Joshua Tree Ca

Joshua Tree Statue

Falossi Studios ... great work

Estate Sales Yucca Valley & 29 Palms

Yucca Valley
High School Trojans

Yucca Valley High School Trojans

GovJobHub.org Jobs

Gov Job Hub.org

Food 4 Less Weekly Ad
Yucca Valley CA, 92284.

Food 4 Less Weekly Ad

Del's Shoes & Repair
Yucca Valley

Del's Shoes & Repair

Local News

Click here for Local News

Dental Tips

From Lombarrdo Family Dentistry.com

Click here!

Desert Institute
at Joshua Tree National Park

Exploring Nature through Education

Helping You Heal
Quickly and Thoroughly
Myofascial Release,
Energy Healing, Yoga,
Nutritional and Life
Counseling and More!
by Keri Campbell

Helping You Heal

yucca valley restaurants, restaurant yucca valley, nail salon 29 palms ca, 29 palms nail salon, 29 palms spa, american restausrant

Western Cafe
Yucca Valley
Larry's & Milt
Western Cafe
in Yucca Valley, CA
- 760-369-3000
58890 29 Palms Hwy
Yucca Valley, CA

Cali Greens Cafe
Yucca Valley

Cali Green Cafe
offering some organics

Joshua Tree Real Estate Services

 29 palms nail salon, nail salon 29 palms,Manicure,manicures,soak off gel,nails,pedicure foot spa,fingernails,pretty nails, nail polish,nail strengthener,nail stickers,acrylic nail designs,shellac nails,shellac manicure,  nails 29 Palms,nails acrylic,acrylic nail removal,gel manicure,  29 Palms nails,gel nail salon near me, 29 Palms Nail salon, 29 Palms Express Nails
5984 Adobe Rd, Twentynine Palms, CA, US,760-219-1995, hi desert classifieds, joshua tree classifieds, 29 palms classifieds

History of Nail Art

As in ancient Egypt, nail color indicated one's status,
black for noblemen and green for the common man. Around
the same time, 3000 B.C., the first nail polish originated
in ancient China. It was made from beeswax, egg whites,
gelatin, vegetable dyes, and gum arabic.

History of nail art

Express Barbershop
& Nail Salon
29 Palms,

5984 Adobe Road
Twentynine Palms,
open every little day!

Joshua Tree Extreme
Baby Dragon Teeth
& Crystal lamps,
& T-Shirt Designs!

Check out the website Sold at the Joshua Tree Farmers Market.

AdWord Help,
Internet Marketing Services
Joshua Tree Ca

adwords help, ppc help, 29 palms,yucca valley, joshua tree, internet marketing services, call 442-256-1457, special offer to hi desert business

adWords help, internet marketing,seo,website designs
Thank You Paul Backovich

hi desert classifieds, high desert classifieds yucca valley joshua tree ca  29 palms

The World's Healthiest Foods Click here

Click here for ArtFx & Furnishings

Handyman Service
Robert Robinson
call 760-412-1931

Hi Desert Art
& Cultrue
bulletin Board

Hi Desert Art & Culture
bulletin board

The Connie Willis . Net Blog
News and Information

Excellent Read!

Crosstalk – News and Information by Connie Willis

About Connie Willis

About Connie Willis

Connie Willis youtube link

Sky’s The Limit Observatory
and Nature Center invites guests
to enjoy these FREE events;
no advance reservations are required.

The Observatory is just outside
the North entrance to Joshua Tree National
Park at 9697 Utah Trail, Twentynine Palms.

hi desert classifieds presents
29 palms observatory and nature center"

]morongo basin market watch
- Realty Professionals of the Morongo ...

morongo basin market watch
- Realty Professionals of the Morongo ...

Recent earthquakes in
California and Nevada

recent earthquakes in California and Nevada

Hi-Desert Srar Classifieds

hi desert classifieds presents
the hi desert star classifieds

well ... What?
may all your dreams come true

Research Links
Or A
Nationalist or a Rock

Nationalists,Globalists, its hot in the desert

World War III: The Globalists vs. the Nationalists
The Millennium Report
June 14, 2016

Click here for the rest of the story

Nationalists, Globalists Research Links

To be ruled or Not?

You’re Either
Or A

Click here
for the Article

170 Scientific Studies
The Dangers of Soy

Click here for the article

Should You Eat Wheat?
By Lahana Vigliano

Should You Eat Wheat?

Joshua Tree EXtreme

Joshua Tree Extreme
– T-shirts – Crystal Lamps

Click here for Joshua Tree Extreme

Joshua Tree Roots Rock
Reggae Festival

Joshua Tree Roots Rock Reggae Festival

Joshua Tree
Music Festival

Joshua Tree Music Festival

Senior Services

Senior Services

Yucca Valley Senior Center

Twentynine Palms Senior Center
(866) 856-7169

Places to Eat Yucca Valley

Places to Eat Yucca Valley

Nutritional Values

Health Note:
Nutrition Science from Live Science.com

Eating well is becoming more and more of a science,
with new research showing us which foods may lower
our risk of disease, and which are increasingly pointed
to as the culprits behind ill health. Researchers are
looking to better understand how nutrients work in our
bodies, with studies that analyze at the diets of people
with heart disease, cancer, and other diseases, along with
research aimed at helping people to lose weight, or maintain
weight loss. From all this research, new advice constantly
emerges for people who are dieting, or want to eat more
healthfully. With news, features and reference pages, we will
provide science-supported tips for improving your nutrition.

Live Science.com read the full article ... Click here

View the reports about
Food & Your Health,
The good, bad, ugly facts about the American diet.

Food and your health reports

coctail dresses,    black dress,   evening dresses,   prom dresses,    white dress,
   formal dresses,   dresses online,    summer dress, 
red dress,  cheap dresses,   sexy dress,    evening gown,   lace dress, Joshua Tree California
not your ordinary Classifieds

Joshua Tree Classifieds

Yucca Valley Classifieds

Yucca Valley Free Classifieds

A List of Free Classifieds
Click her for the list

plus more links
We have compiled the Best sites that accept free classifieds.
Here you will find the list of the top Hi- Desert classifieds
used by the local area. These websites provide free classified
advertisements for selling and buying items, real estate, jobs,
services, personals. I have gathered the Top active classifieds
where you can post your ad completely free and view what the area
has to offer.

Yucca Valley
Activity and Events Guide
Spring/summer 2016

Yucca Valley Events 2016 Click here

Hi Desert Realtors

Hi Desert Realtors
let us help you sell Homes & Property

Pandora's Box
Musical Instruments
& Curiosities
Music Lessons & Instruction
· Musical Instrument Store ... 29 Palms

Pandora's Box

Mimis Quilt Shop Yucca Valley

Mimis Quilt Shop in Yucca Valley

about Sugar ... not good
The high amounts of dietary sugar in the typical western diet may increase the risk of breast cancer and metastasis to the lungs, according to a new study.
Science Newsfrom research organizations

Sugars in Western diets
increase risk for breast cancer tumors and metastasis

Study in mice points to sugar's impact on inflammatory pathways as culprit
January 4, 2016
University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
The high amounts of dietary sugar
in the typical western diet
may increase the risk of
breast cancer and metastasis to the
lungs, according to a new study...
click here for the full report

Best Documentary 2015 -
The Secrets Of Sugar -
Science Channel
National Geographic

View the documentary click here

Sugar and Salt and Fat:
Food Giants Have Hooked Us

View the full report click here

the immune systme review by hi desert classifieds

The Wellness formula
Avoid the Flu Virus by
Maintaining a Healthy Immune System
do not get sick
work with your immune system
use the Wellness Formula
it works Excellent!
You can purchase it at local health food stores
or Click here for our secure Amazon Link

Research Special ...
joshua tree unique shops

Joshua Tree Unique Shops

Boutiques, Books, Herbs, Music, Art, Eats,
In Joshua Tree, shopping for vintage,
handmade, eclectic and cool

Joshua Tree first cast
its spell on nature lovers and" ... Click here!

hi desert, Joshua Tree, the Planet

Featured Art

click here

hi desert classifieds present art by  Karine Swenson is a painter

Classified listings for 29 Palms,
Yucca Valley,
Joshua Tree and the Hi Desert
Morongo Basin California

This Site:

& Classified listings
Joshua Tree Ca,Yucca Valley, 29 Palms;

Create your own Job,   Job Listings & Resources,       A Service That You Can Be PROUD and
CONFIDENT to Offer & make a good living

Supermarket ads,  Art,   Shop Amazon ,  Events,
European Bakery,
   local Business & Information,    The Other News,
no log in needed, just scroll down & explore; The Hi Desert & Morongo Basin Ca.,  
& the World, ... the whole darn planet!

  The World's Healthiest Foods   Local Gas Prices   Local Rentals   Local Renal listings from hotpds  
Moms home made shipping     MOVIES    Services    Hi Desert Star Classifieds   Local Phone Numbers

About Nutrition
Dr. Decuypere's Nutrient Charts™, Nutrition you need every day    Before you eat think ... what daily nutritioal values does My body need today!
Feed your body the correct foods and it will last a long time!    Vitamins, Nutrition Chart    

6 Spices and Herbs You Should Be Using
       Guide to the Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices

   The truth about fats: the good, the bad, and the in-between The Family Health Guide   American Heart Association Know Your Fats   Information About Eating Disorders   "Compulsive eating is only the symptom; believing that you're not worth your own love is the problem. Go for the love. You'll never be sorry.”
Written by Geneen Roth

Senior Resources Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree & 29 Palms

Senior Resources  Pharmacy near you  Labcorp Yucca Valley  Hi-Desert Medical Center
Senior and Disabled Adults Services  Senior Information and Assistance


Holmes Health offers individuals, couples, and families the opportunity
to take a close look at the condition of their blood biology at a
cellular level and provide you & yours an option to purchase high quality
therapeutic nutrition & probiotics for betterment of cellular health.
We also offer mold solution services in effort to get you out of moldy
conditions to allow healthier living space and body.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you & YOURS?
Holmes Health Joshua Tree

No Colds Flu or Viruses

wellness formula
It Works! I have been using the
Wellness Formula for over 20 Years
and it's good to go!
Thanks Lou

World Health Organization Alert
WHO to convene Emergency Committee on
Zika virus and observed increase in neurological
disorders and neonatal malformations

      Pet Care
  29 Palms,yucca valley, joshua tree, hi desert, hight deser pet care><br>

<a href=Companion Animal Clinic   VCA Yucca Valley Animal Hospital   VCA 29 Palms Animal Hospital   Base Pet Care   Palms N Paws Animal Shelter 29 Palms

hi desert classifieds.com presents Ear Cuffs at Zannedelions in Joshua Tree Ca
Ear Cuffs at Zannedelions
NOW OPEN!!! Zannedelions
Boutique in downtown Joshua Tree, California
61877 29 Palms HWY
.... downtown village Joshua TREe

Six Cool Joshua Tree Shops, Yucca Valley
For a Stylish Getaway

Hoof and The Horn

29 Palms bookoo clothing accessories

Big Box Stores are in Yucca Valley

JC Penny, Rainbow, WalMart, Ross, Dress for Less, Home Depot & more

Women’s Clothing Yucca Valley ... a good list

Yard Sales Yucca Valley

Best Women's Clothing in Yucca Valley, CA a Yelp listing

News & Issues
Radiation Safeguarding
Written by Libbe HaLevy
New Book: Yes, I Glow in the Dark!: One Mile from Three Mile Island to Fukushima and Beyond
An epidemiological study showed that the highest incidence of thyroid cancer and leukemia in the entire United States was within 50 miles of Three Mile Island, she reported.
Read More click here

Arjuna Ardagh is an Awakening Coach,
writer and public speaker

New Book:

Conscious Men:
A Practical Guide to Develop 12 Qualities
of the New Masculinity

Check out Biography and Books click here

How to Books; how to create your own Job
books from Amazon

How to create your own Job books

Special Alert!
Monsanto weed killer can 'probably' cause cancer:
World Health Organization CHICAGO | BY TOM POLANSEK

The same fine Company that develops GMO'S,

GOOD News;

Taking a Major Step Forward as We Live Our Purpose
At Campbell, we are unleashing the power of our Purpose,
Real food that matters for life’s moments. Our Purpose calls
for us to acknowledge that consumers appreciate what goes into
our food, and why—so they can feel good about the choices they
make, for themselves and their loved ones.

Today, consistent with our Purpose, we announced our support
for mandatory national labeling of products that may contain
genetically modified organisms (GMO) and proposed that the
federal government provide a national standard for non-GMO
claims made on food packaging.

We are operating with a “Consumer First” mindset.

Some news you may have missed:

New Recession is Here Now-John Williams

on: 01/20/2016 by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog read the full report

Who What Why ...We uncover the truth about news

Scroll Down for Classified Listings for the HI Desert

Yucca Valley,
29 Palms,
Joshua Tree
Auto Repair & Tires

auto repair yucca valley jobs yucca valley

Support our Veterans

Support our Veterans because they've earned it!
click here
for books & gifts

yucca valley classifieds, jobs yucca valley

Create Your Own Job

create your own job links & Ideas facebook page .. take a view

Hi desert classifieds facebook page
ideas, issues, family, dogs, cats, horses, art, love, music, the whole darn planet!

classifieds Yucca Valley, 29 Palms classifieds, Joshua tree classifieds, auto repair yucca valley

For your enjoyment & search efforts a list of local
Classifieds used most for the
Hi-Desert Townships of Yucca Valley,
Joshua Tree, 29 Palms, Morongo Valley
California and nearby locations,
and view the selling and buying tips,
good luck & have a happy desert day.

Also news you may have missed

health & food articles
& tips, ... Art!

joshua tree classifieds, auto repair yucca valley, yucca valley classifieds, 29 palms classifieds, high desert classifieds

Time to shop?

Women's Clothing
& Apparel,
Books, Electronics,
Toys & Gifts

Amazon.com secure page

Email Me
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on this page
call Lou at 442-256-1457

Yucca Valley

Joshua Tree Music Festival 2016

rentals high desert star list

Yucca Valley Classifieds list

Yucca Valley Bookoo

Palm Springs craigs list

hi desert star stories

Yucca Valley Date Hookup/singles


Yucca Valley horses for sale

Post Local Ads In Yucca Valley, CA!

The Green and white sheet

Real Estate Yucca Valley

Yucca Valley Bandmix listings

Hoobly Classifieds Yucca Valley

Yucca Valley Airport

Jobs in Yucca Valley from Monste.com

Desert Escape inspired shadow

Protedt Ground Water information

California Quail
Southern Quail Yucca Valley
Article by Field & Stream Online Editors

Italian Food with a Twist?

Yucca Valley Facts

Yucca Valley buy & Sell pages

scroll way down for more classified list

Global News & Isssues

Drudge Report
Coast to Coast AM
Media Roots
Truth Frequency Radio
Sean Stone reports
scroll down for more listings, services & reports

The Sugar Report ... a lot of sugar is not good for your body

Food & Your Health

Science Finally Shows What Grandma Knew All Along

From the Cold, Flu, & Cough Health Center
Health News Chicken soup and your health.
How to make Organic Chicken Soup for your health

WebMD News Archive

read the report

Grandma knew all along

about health and Chicken Soup, Organic is best

Immune System

keep in good health work with your Immune System

Natural Health News
and Scientific Discoveries
- NaturalNews.com

Natural News.com

Nation in shock
as Yale students
sign petition to completely
the First Amendment
Thursday, December 17, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Tags: Yale students, First Amendment, petition

Yale students, First Amendment, petition click here for the full article

U.S. dairy industry petitions FDA to approve
aspartame as hidden, unlabeled additive in milk,
yogurt, eggnog and cream
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...)
Tags: milk, aspartame, FDA petition

Aspartame in Milk

Aspartame is, by Far,
the Most Dangerous
Substance on the Market
that is Added To Foods

Read the article about aspartame in Milk by Dr. Mercola

Aspartame Most Dangerous Substance added to foods

Kalyn Weber
Public Health
Graduate Student
Aspartame in "Milk?"

Read the article from the Huffington Post

more Classifieds scroll down


organic recipes


Yucca Valley
Auto repair
& Tires
get a free quote
Yucca Valley,
29 Palms
& Joshua Tree

Time to shop?

Joshua Tree
women's clothing
and apparel,
Toys & Gifts

Amazon.com secure page

News you
may have missed

Latest Silicon Valley trend:

Crowdfunding nuclear startups in
earthquake-prone state as Fukushima
radiation bombards California
read the full article

Another 'gift' from Big Pharma:

Drug-resistant stomach bug spreads across America
Friday, December 11, 2015 by: Sandy J. Duncan
Tags: superbug, shigella, antibiotics

Shigella infection

is an intestinal disease caused by
a family of bacteria known as shigella. The symptoms which
typically show up one to two days after exposure include
diarrhea (often containing blood or mucus), abdominal cramps
and fever. An additional challenge is some carriers have no
symptoms after they've been infected with shigella but they are
still contagious.

Colds & Flu

Flu Attack!
How a Virus
Invades Your Body

Flu Attack

World News

from the drudge report


Top 10 Most Popular
Science websites


Top 15 Most Popular
Health Websites

more classifieds scroll down

The World of Art

At the Joshua Tree Art Gallery

Joshua Tree Art Gallery

Jason deCaires Taylor on His Ambitious New Underwater Sculpture Museum

Sculptor and installation artist Jason deCaires Taylor check it out!

Gallery 62 Joshua Tree California

A cooperative fine-art gallery featuring local artists.

Art by Susan Gonzalez
Open 11 am - 5 pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Artists' reception, 6 - 8 pm the second Saturday of each month.


scroll down
Joshua Tree Activities

Pappy and Harriets upcoming shows

Climbing guide & services

Coyote Telescope Star Tours
Thank you for checking out Coyote Telescope!
We specialize in providing awesome private
star tours to adventure seekers in and around
Joshua Tree National Park!

Hi Desert Art and Culture Bulletin Board
and Events

the Beatnik Lounge

more classifieds scroll down

Let Every Day
Be Christmas

Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon
a shelf. The good you do for others is good you do

(Written by Norman W. Brooks)


Smiling is a global way
to express emotion.

It has become a widely-known sign throughout the years.
But I see past muscle-tensing. I focus on the details
that give an importance to the smile; the wrinkles around
the eyelids are the traces of life left as an imprint on
their body. Despite the poverty or the age, the pictures
reveal the life within the age; all leading to the
never-changing eyes, showing us their way of life, of
thought, their real hidden smile.

Website: Réhahn Photography
Fanpage: Réhahn Official

Rehahn Croquevielle Photography


29 palms classifieds

The Scream At The Big Smiles Art Show by Leah Saulnier The ...

Art by Leah Saulnier
Surrealist Artist
Where Humor meets Surrealism , Bizarre ideas of mine in Oil on Canvas
Leah Saulnier The Painting Maniac

more classifieds scroll down

Health Issues
from Critical health

Please Read
By visiting this website, you acknowledge that the information
contained within is provided to help individuals gain insight
into the body's healing processes, not to replace the decisions
you make with your medical professional.

We believe that people should be the authors of
their own health story. Please view our materials with a critical eye.

Dr. Wallach's Ten Bad Foods and Good Foods
Critical Health News
Ten Bad Foods

Ten Bad Foods

Below are recommendations from Dr. Joel Wallach
and Dr. Peter Glidden that everybody should limit
or ELIMINATE from their diet.

Oats, Oatmeal even if it says that it’s gluten free.

Fried Food – nothing fried!
You should boil, broil or bake
and never more than medium rare for red meat.

Oils – Oils oxidize when they come into contact with
the air (become rancid). Since almost all oil is continually
exposed to some air from the time it is produced, the process
of oxidation has begun in even the freshest oil. These oxidized
oils cause inflammation and cell damage.
(Youngevity's essential oils are injected into the gel caps
surrounded by nitrogen to prevent oxidation.)

Well done red meat (IE No burned fats) – (rare or medium-rare is ok!)
If you grill your food, try to have something between the food and the fire
(like aluminium foil) so the juice doesn’t drip onto the flame and deposit
dangerous things on the meat.

Any nitrates added to meat – (ie: deli meats) tell your butcher

No carbonated drinks of any kind within one hour before, during
or one hour after meals.
Skin of a baked potato (or yam, or sweet potato).
If you boil a potato, you can eat the skins.

Ten Bad Foods

Goods Foods

Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Peter Glidden are EXPERTS
in medical nutrition and recommend the Good Food/Bad
Food list to everyone. There are exceptions for diabetics
regarding fruit/sugar.

You must clean up your diet for
good health and to absorb nutrients.

As a bonus, here are the foods that are GOOD for you,
as recommended by Dr. Joel Wallach and Dr. Peter Glidden:


Poach; This is his number one choice because the water
never reaches a temperature greater than 212 degrees.

Scramble with butter over very low heat and only until
they are just setting up. If you can hear them cooking
it’s too hot.

Soft boil with the yolk still runny. Some call them “2 minute
eggs”. (Hard-boiled egg yolks with a greenish coating
have had their cholesterol degraded.)

Raw Eggs are good BUT you must increase your Biotin.

A List of Biotin-Rich Foods

A list of Biotin Rich Foods

Beef—rare/medium rare
Mixed, Salted Nuts—no peanuts

Grain Carbohydrates
Any carbohydrate (except oatmeal) that is “Gluten Free” is OK.

Pure Buckwheat (Isn’t wheat).
Couscous (made from pearl millet only).

Corn (GMO Free)
Vegetables & Fruits
Oils Fats and Sugars

Salt - Salt your food to taste. To properly digest your food you
need stomach acid and salt helps in the creation of stomach acid.

Nut Butters—no extra sugar
Lard (yes, lard!)
Use Butter – Margarine is simply oil in a solid state. If you cook with
butter, make sure the heat is low enough that the butter doesn’t turn
brown in the pan.

4-8, 8oz glasses of filtered water each day. Avoid soft plastic bottles.
Green tea
Red wine
ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)
20,000 ORAC points of anti-oxidants daily.

Foods high in ORAC – Blue berries, cinnamon, walnuts,
curry, dark skinned fruits, unprocessed cocoa powder,
acai berry, green tea, red wine (research for more foods high in ORAC).


A note of caution to those using Youngevity products.
Phytates bind to minerals in the Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Plant Derived
minerals, and other Youngevity products containing minerals.
The phytates interfere with the absorption of minerals and wastes them.
If you eat phytates, take your minerals at least two hours before,
or two hours after you consume the phytates.

Examples of pytates:

Nuts, seeds, rice, beans, spinach, peas, lentils, legumes.
Do an internet search to find more foods that contain phytates.

good foods
bad foods
ten bad foods

The Best Foods for Every
Vitamin and Mineral
Want to get your nutrients
the natural way?
We break down the best
food sources for 20 of
the most important.

The Best Foods for Every
Vitamin and Mineral
from health.com

Food Sources
for Vitamins and Minerals
Reviewed by
Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen, MS, RD


more classifieds scroll down

By Z107.7 News, on November 13th, 2015


Joshua Tree National Park Council for the Arts

Joshua Tree Goings On

Harrison House of Music, Arts & Ecology


29 Palms Art Gallery ~ Art Classes

29 Palms Events

More 29 Palms stuff

Old Town Yucca Valley

Yucca Valley Events

Science News

Scientists reveal flu develops
in the roof of the mouth as study
shows how it spreads

Researchers have found that flu develops in the roof of the mouth
- and that it is spread through coughs and sneezes.


Read the full report

You’ve Been Warned:
Why You Need to Be Ready
for Total Grid Failure

An electrical grid is an interconnected network for delivering electricity from suppliers to consumers.

Grid 101 from Wikipedia

A Grid Map of the U.S.

Bracing for a big power Grid attack:
'One is too many'

Bracing for a big Grid Attack
are you ready?

The Basics of Grid Security

The Basics of Grid Security

America’s electric grid, data centers, telecommunications networks,
and other critical infrastructure can be damaged or destroyed in several
different ways: a nuclear weapon that generates an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse)
effect; a geo-magnetic storm from the sun that also can generate an EMP
effect; a smaller, localized EMP that can be created with everyday
equipment from Radio Shack; cyber warfare; and direct physical attacks.

Cyber Attacks & Terrorism could damage the Grid for years; What can you do?

About Us The Secure the Grid Coalition is an ad hoc group of policy, energy, and
national security experts, legislators, and industry insiders who are
dedicated to strengthening America’s electrical grid. The Coalition aims
to raise awareness to the national and international threat of EMP as well
as pass legislation to strengthen the grid. Press inquiries
email securethegrid@gmail.com

Read more about the grid,
What can you do when there is total grid failure
click here

Job Tips, Ideas & Offers
click here

Super Markets

27 Vegetables Highest in Protein written by Daisy Whitbread BSc
from the coupon lady



sites to join
Apartment Rentals

Joshua Tree Facebook

Joshua Tree Links

Joshua Tree Real Estate

HI Desert Classifieds

Local Gas Prices

Adobe Audio
29 Palms

We have
everything you need to put together
the sound system you want.

Adobe Window Tinting
another barbershop 29 Palms

Special discount!

Morongo Basin Community offers local discount coupons New land habitat great for
hiking & walking your dog in Joshua Tree Ca
The Bread Lady Plus!
If you like good healthy food & bakery items the best is created by Sampatti, The Bread Lady, custom baker, you can call her & she will bake to order;

Joshua Desert Retreats Joshua Tree Area Vacation Rentals

Organic garden information.com

Squeeze Time
Fresh Organic Juices
Every Saturday at the
Farmers Market
760-987-0804 call
for orders ask for Chris.

Herb's Organic
Herbs Farm Fresh
Sat. at Joshua Tree Farmers Market
Herb's Site

Desert Baskets

Made Especially for You
by Georgan Sue
Tel. 760-366-9659
Sue is at the Farmers
Market every Saturday in Joshua Tree 8Am to 1pm.

Yucca Valley Hydroponics
Joshua Trees

Joshua Tree, healthy food recipes, healthy snacks, healthy diet, & good to eat.

100 ways to conserve water

Home water
challenge video

Drought Gardening Tips

Growing Vegetables

43 ways to save Water from the LA Times

How much water Joshua Tree HAS to save over the next few months


Turf Replacement rebates $$

Animal Resuce
Joey's Animal Rescue
Joey's Animal Rescue
Home Improvements

Email Me
Now, now, now


on this page

a good deal!
email or
Paul or Lou

Handyman Services

Free Estimates
15 + years experience
call Jason or Ruenell

Cleaning, Painting
Yard Work & Power Wash
Se Habla Espanol
Serving all desert cities
Juan Becerril

RG Handyman Services
yard clean up/ dump hauling

57025 Antelope Trail
Yucca Valley, CA 92284
(760) 623-8271

RG Handyman Services
Thrift Stores Yucca Valley, 29 Palms & Joshua Tree California Information about the High Desert Cities & links

Classified listings

29 Palms Bookoo.com

Yucca Valley Bookoo.com

American Towns listings for Yucca Valley

HI-Desert Star Classifieds
has Community Announcements

Penny Saver USA

High Desert jobs/monster

Observation post
offers Announcements also

My Desert.com
main focus Coachella Valley

High Desert Daily press
Apple Valley

Craigs List Los Angles.org


Best Buys

Green and White Sheet.com
High and Low Desert

Big Bear Grizzly

High Desert.com

Yucca Valley Dating

Yucca Valley Dating

Another Yucca Valley Dateing page
Good Luck

Joshua Tree Seniors dating

29 Palms Senior dating

Senior Dating Yucca Valley

Christian perfect match.com

Paranormal Dating

Finally, a dating and friendship site to
meet others with similar interests!

Find your match that shares an interest
in the paranormal, science, life after death,
ghost stories, Bigfoot, UFO’s, alternative
medicine and conspiracy theories.

From Coast to Coast AM radio program
Coast to Coast am radio

Paranormal Date

Yucca Valley dating from mate1.com

Local Newspapers

Selling Tips

FOUR Things You Must Do To
Get Classified Ads That SELL!
How to write them, where to put
them, and what makes people buy.

by Dr. Kevin Nunley

You've heard the old saying,
"It takes money to make money."
They might as well include "It
takes BIG money to make big money."
The local furniture store that always
has a TV commercial on the
evening news may be spending a
million dollars or more each year
to get those ads.

So what's a small or home-based
business to do? How can you get
advertising that really works?

When your budget is tight, use classified ads.
These small ads come in a variety of sizes,
costs, and appear everywhere from
neighborhood newsletters to big national
magazines to websites on the Internet.
1. Target your best prospects.
2. Write a good headline.
3. Keep the body of your ad short.
4. Track your ads.
Read More from ezine university.com

Buying And Selling Tips for Classified Ads
tips brought to you by
New York, NY Free Classifieds

Think of your Title is your advertising and
your item description is your salesperson.
On the web, how your potential buyer perceives
you and your product is everything
in a classified site.
Be sure to use power words in your title.
Rare, Unique, Powerful,New, Unusual,
Stunning, Top Notch, First Class, etc.
Just be sure not to exaggerate. Don’t
call something “rare” if it is not.
Writing a classified ad is the art of
showcasing yourself and what you
sell to your buyer in the best possible
light. It’s the most important
thing you have going for you in an ad.
A carefully crafted sales ad
can increase your sales and traffic
results exponentially

How to Use Free Classified Ads
to Your Advantage

Article from Wahm.com

When you have a small home business,
free classified ads are a great tool
to use. For one thing, it's easy on your
budget, which is a big deal for most small
business owners. For another, most of these
free classified ads are easy to access
(another plus). The key is to find the ones
that will work the best for you and your

How to Prepare

There are some things you need to think about before
you even place an ad, whether it's free or not.
You need to have a registered business name and a
business license so that your business is a
legitimate entity. If a potential customer or
client wants to verify your business, they should
be able to find it registered under the city,
county or state where your business is located.
Read The full article click here

Top 10 Proven Classified Ad Selling Tips
To Guarantee A Successful Sale
By Janet Doherty


Determine the items around your home that
you no longer need. Once you have collected
these items, confirm that they are in working
order and in good selling condition.
If items have been in storage for a long
period of time, you may need to clean
them up to make them more attractive
to potential buyers.


After all items are collected, do your research.
Determine the value of your items and decide
whether it would be worth you time and effort
to place a classified ad.Some things will do
well on their own while others may do better
in a garage sale setting. If certain items do
not have enough value to justify placing an
advertisementand you are not interested in
hosting a garage sale, donate these items to
a local charity for a nice tax deduction.

Read More Ad Sellint Tips

Knowing the Tricks
and Tips of Free Classified Advertising

All free classified sites are not created equal.
You should focus on a few good sites and post
your ads regularly in those sites only. Your starting
point is Google search. Go to google.com and search
for “free classifieds” and “free ads”. From the search
result pages, visit 10 to 15 sites and register in those
sites. If a site asks too many questions during the registration
process, abandon the site and go to the next site. Why
should you have to provide all your personalinformation
for the site’s benefits? Good sites will only ask minimal
questions to setup your account so that you can edit,
delete and renew your ads. Also, look for sites that
will allow you to post without any registration.

Write a precise ad using 80 to 100 words. Write about
benefits of your products and services for ad viewers.
Try to think benefits in terms of generating extra income,
improving health and relationships and providing a sense of
good feelings when they use your products and services.

Read More by NikasBlackstad612


local news and tips

Vote29 is compilation of a lot of good writers that have dedicated
themselves to informing you on the issues of the day that effect
and affect the Inland Empire of Southern California in general
and the High Desert in particular. Vote29 was started in 2001 as
a reaction to the Cronyism and Nepotism in local politics, we’ve
expanded a little since. Join with us and report your part.

Basin Wide Spirit magazine

Website Hi-Desert Publishing Co.'s quarterly showcase of Basin people, places,
things. Print: January, April, July and OctoberPublisher: Cindy Melland 760-365-3315
cmelland@hidesertstar.com Editor:Jutta Biggerstaff 760-367-3577 jubiggerstaff@deserttrail.com Basin Wide Spirit Magazine

Job Tips

Job Tips, Ideas & Offers
click here

Explore Yucca Valley
& Joshua Tree Art

Art in Joshua Tree & Yucca Valley
read the full article

Like Big Sur, Marfa, and Taos, Joshua Tree has
long been an outpost on the vagabond-hipster
trail, favored by explorers looking for the
wide-open, Wild West feeling of the modern-day
frontier. In the 1960s, this desert region 140
miles east of Los Angeles, famous for its gnarled,
pleasingly grotesque trees and lunar-like boulders,
began luring artists and musicians hoping to escape
the urban glare. Country-rock pioneer Gram Parsons
notoriously overdosed at the Joshua Tree Inn in 1973.
Numerous other musicians of that era, like Keith Richards,
Donovan, and Jim Morrison, were also fond of taking
the occasional, well, desert trip.

In the late 1980s, Noah Purifoy, the late assemblage
artist and a founder of the Watts Towers Arts Center
who just had a career retrospective at the Los Angeles
County Museum of Art, moved to the Mojave and built an
astonishing 10-acre outdoor museum constructed entirely of
junk, including old vacuums, television sets, and computer
parts. In 2000, a decade and a half before Schneider
decamped from Brooklyn, installation artist Andrea
Zittel—the patron saint of the latest wave of desert
relocation—left her 200- square- foot Brooklyn studio
and established A-Z West, a 35-acre compound adjacent
to the park. It’s a kind of utopian art-life experiment,
a place where she creates her own clothing, furniture,
and food. The High Desert Test Sites, environmental artworks
sponsored by Zittel’s nonprofit of the same name, are all
over the desert, seemingly as native to the place as its
hardy flora and fauna.

Hi Desert Cultural Center

The Hi Desert Cultural Center

read about the Cultural Center

About the Center

The Hi-Desert Cultural Center is a many-faceted, multi-venue
facility for performing and visual arts. It is the largest
arts organization in the region and is a fully-compliant
not-for-profit organization registered with the Internal
Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) entity incorporated in the
State of California and located in the city of Joshua Tree
in San Bernardino County. The Center and its facilities
are not government owned or subsidized.

The Hi-Desert Cultural Center was started by retired actors,
directors, and producers from Hollywood and first began serving
the cultural needs of its surrounding communities in 1964.
In 1967, the Center was officially incorporated as a not-for-profit
under the name Hi-Desert Playhouse Guild, Inc. and by 1980
construction on its main theater building was completed.
The Center rapidly became a cultural icon and landmark for
the area, drawing visitors from throughout southern California.
The Center then added a second theater and rehearsal hall to
accommodate the growing needs of the area.

hi desert cultural center events

Desert, Anywhere:
The Problem with
Yucca Valley
by Chris Clarke

Yucca Valley Sprawls
across the Mojave

Yucca Valley started out as a hamlet called "Lone Star,"
a waystation for watering horses and mules between Banning
and the Twentynine Palms mining district. A few homesteaders
settled in the west end of the Morongo Basin, their numbers
growing after World War I veterans whose lungs had been damaged
in gas attacks discovered the area's clean air helped them heal.
In the late 1950s, members of Los Angeles society not particularly
drawn to the pool party lifestyle of Palm Springs discovered the
Morongo Basin, and desert subdivisions began to attach themselves
to Route 62.

That's a fine recipe for a small city, a low-rent Sedona or Telluride,
and you can still see the roots of that neglected future Yucca Valley
in the scattering of shops around Route 62 and Pioneertown Road, in
Yucca Valley's Old Town. It's not a recipe for the 40-square-mile
scattering of strip malls that Yucca Valley became.

It's not just the Walmart. (It never is.) The stretch of Route 62 that
runs the few miles between Old Town and the new Walmart is chockablock
with seedy-looking convenience stores, a fair representation of downscale
fast food chains, buildings that once housed larger chain stores, payday
loan businesses and nail shops. Two gigantic national chain drugstores
each occupy a corner of a block of land that trembles before the developers'
machinery. Only the reluctance to lend money to obviously doomed enterprises
bankers seem to have developed since 2008 has kept the land unbuilt so far.

The boosters think positive nonetheless. A vacant lot behind one of those
drugstores bears a cheerful looking sign advertising the businesses the
developer would like to think will occupy the site as if they're already
up and running. One of the businesses advertised on that putative commercial
space now occupied by a prematurely bulldozed desert is a Vietnamese restaurant.

I confess to having mixed feelings about that one. It would be nice to have a
Vietnamese restaurant that close. And despite my ambivalence, which I think
is shared by some of my neighbors who head into Yucca to buy supplies and then
leave as quickly as possible, there is nothing about Yucca Valley that would
suggest the town could ever support the amount of business development the
boosters dream of.

Yucca Valley Sprawls
across the Mojave read the full article click here

Good Luck!
- hi- desert classifieds.com

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