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Lots of Stop The
Cold articles
for Jan. 2018.
& much more!

Food news,
are you eating with
love for your body?
To Love your body
give it what it needs.
Critical Health News
Check it out!
Registered pharmacist, nutritionist and cosmetic chemist,
Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts, and offered
tips on supplements and healthy changes to one's diet and
lifestyle. It has recently come out, he reported, that it

was known more
than 50 years ago

that sugar was one of the
main culprits of heart disease,

but instead the sugar industry
hid this connection and pushed the blame onto fats. We can
"hack into" our sugar drive, he suggested, by eating more
protein, which, like sugar, provides energy to the body,
albeit in a slower mode.
Click here for the full story.

Joshua Tree Health Food Store
open every day

Internet Marketing
29 Palms,
Yucca Valley,
Joshua Tree,
High Desert,
Mojave Desert
and the Planet
Paul Backovich

Mobile Notary
29 Palms,
Yucca Valley,
Joshua Tree &

2018 Dirty Dozen List:
Are You Eating the Most
Pesticide-Laden Produce?

click the link

Click here for
the Dirty Dozen

Adobe Tinting
29 Palms
offers a Discount!

12 Fruits & Veggies
With The Most Pesticides

(Dirty Dozen)
Click here

Exploring a world
without food animals

December 6, 2017
Research Service


What would happen if U.S. farmers stopped
producing animals for food and Americans
went vegan? Some have called for a move
in that direction to address increasing
concerns about U.S. health, eating habits,
and climate change. Researchers recently
explored those questions and found surprising
Click here for the
full report from Science

10% Discount
offered on all
services by
Nails Paradise
of 29 Palms Ca.
3787 Adobe Rd,
Nail Salon Excellence.

Open Every
Little Day
of the week.
10% discount offered
on all services!

How the food you eat
affects your brain
- Mia Nacamulli

When it comes to what you bite, chew and swallow,
your choices have a direct and long-lasting
effect on the most powerful organ in your body:
your brain. So which foods cause you to feel so
tired after lunch? Or so restless at night?
Mia Nacamulli takes you into the brain to find out.

Watch! Click here for the report

Special Gifts

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By Crystal Matthews
Yarn,Wine & Stone


By Crystal Matthews
Yarn, Wine & Stone

Boom Boom

Audio 29 Palms
offers a
10 % Dicount
on all services!

About Cars & Trucks

Click here for cars
& trucks.
tips & information

Food gift
ideas homemade
local bakery,
quiche, cake,
pizza, bread,
cookies & more.

Click here for Cakes, Cookies and more


Click here

Featured Rentals

for Rent
in Twentynine Palms, CA

Apartments for rent

Twentynine Palms
CA Houses For Rent

Twentynine Palms
CA Houses For Rent

Chicken soup
for your cold

There’s no such thing as a cure
for the common cold.
But there is soup and
according to some studies,
it might help.
By Lauren Sams

Can Chicken soup really help your cold

Bone Broth
One of Your
Most Healing
Diet Staples

By Dr. Mercola
According to an old South American proverb,
"good broth will resurrect the dead." While
that's undoubtedly an exaggeration, it speaks
to the value placed on this wholesome food,
going back through the annals of time.

The featured article by Dr. Amy Myers1 lists
10 health benefits of bone broth. Sally Fallon
with the Weston A. Price Foundation2 has previously
published information about this healing food as well.

Read the full report click here

Marine Corps Air
Ground Combat Center
"Marine Air Ground
Task Force
Training Command"
Twentynine Palms,

Click here

Yucca Valley
Internet Marketing
Information & Help
Internet Marketing Services
Social Media Management

Call Paul at 442-256-1457
Joshua Tree Ca

Special Feature
for America



There are already many excellent
definitions of EMP available on the
web. We have provided three,which
follow, that we believe offer an
accurate, basic level explanation
of electromagnetic pulse.


Click here for the full report

“Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is an instantaneous,
intense energy field that can overload or disrupt
at a distance numerous electrical systems and
high technology microcircuits, which are especially
sensitive to power surges. A large scale EMP effect
can be produced by a single nuclear explosion
detonated high in the atmosphere. This method is
referred to as High-Altitude EMP (HEMP). A similar,
smaller-scale EMP effect can be created using
non-nuclear devices with powerful batteries or
reactive chemicals. This method is called High
Power Microwave (HPM). Several nations, including
reported sponsors of terrorism, may currently have
a capability to use EMP as a weapon for cyber
warfare or cyber terrorism to disrupt communications
and other parts of the U.S. critical infrastructure.
Also, some equipment and weapons used by the U.S.
military may be vulnerable to the effects of EMP.”

EMP attack on america 2016
EMP Threat

"Extraordinary Wonderful" Get Listed!

Check Out
Los Angeles, Ca
Community Classifieds

Free Los Angeles Classifieds.
Post Ads Free.
Find cars for sale,
Apt Rentals, Real Estate,
furniture, concert tickets and more.

Click Here!

Internet Marketing Joshua Tree CA Paul Backovich 442-256-1457
Joshua Tree Internet Marketing 442-256-1457

Attention: Scroll down for the list
of free classifieds for the Hi Desert.

Top 100 Best Classifieds
list 2016.
Online ad posting:

websites to post free ads in USA,
UK, India.
Free classifieds ad posting Websites list

Top 100 USA + Classifieds

adobe tinting; window tinting 29 palms ca, 29 palms ca, 29 palms classifieds, hi desert

29 palms classifieds, retail business, things to do, MCCS, marine base,  Hi desert, Hi desert California


29 palms, yucca valley, hi desert classifieds

tags: western food low, places to eat,eating out,best restaurants, find restaurants near me,

area restaurants,rest,places to eat,all restaurants,dine out,list of restaurants

Larrys & Milt-Western-Cafe-

29 Palms Top Places to Go with Kids!

Take the kids places

Kidz Buy-Sell-Trade, Yucca Valley


Find a Babysitter in Yucca Valley, CA

Find a Babysitter Yucca Valley

Twentynine Palms Historical Society
29 Palms, California
Desert Kids
By Don LePage
Desert Kids

Art Activities good for Kids

The 29 Palms Creative Center & Gallery offers a
wide variety of art classes and activities for
children, adults and groups. The gallery is open
to the public and is an excellent place to shop
for a gift or keepsake of any size. The Creative
Center is located on the West End of the property
here at the Inn, a 10 minute walk or stroll from
the front desk/library.

Art Activities good for Kids

Twentynine Palms Child Care

29 Palms Child Care

Beginner Fat Burning Workout
to Lose Weight in 4 weeks Home Exercises

If you are a beginner, you would like to
start losing weight but do not know which
workout routine / plan / video to follow,
DO THIS WORKOUT for the next 4-6 weeks!
This is a total body fat burning workout
designed for beginner like you to start
losing weight quick and effective. No equipments
are needed, just you and your enthusiasm!
Do this workout 3 times weekly, together with
cardio (swimming, jogging, walking, cycling,
walking up the stairs etc), 3 times weekly
for 30-45mins for best result.
Estimate Cals burn is between 350 - 450 Cals (4 sets).
The heavier you are, the more you burn.

30 Mins Cardio & Core Interval
(Burn Belly Fat!) - Beginner & Advance
by Joanna Soh

Military Food: Marines Enjoy a Warriors Meal

Military Food: Marines Enjoy a Warriors Meal
U.S. Marines with 1st Marine Division (1STMARDIV), prepare
and serve the warriors meal to Marines and Sailors
concluding Exercise Steel Knight 15 (SK-15), aboard
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms,
California. SK -15 is an annual military training
exercise developed to prepare 1STMARDIV personnel
within the Ground Combat Element of a Marine Air-Ground
Task Force.

29 Palms High School Music Video

15 Minute Senior Workout
- HASfit's Low Impact Workout
- Senior Exercises - Exercise for Elderly

Do These 5 Exercises Every Morning
- 5 Minute Mobility & Stretch Routine

from eat

Unhealthiest Foods

The Worst Foods You Can Eat

Click here for the list

A Christmas Story Presented
at Theatre 29 in Twentynine Palms
November 18

A Christmas Story

adobe tinting; window tinting 29 palms ca

Events MCCS 29 Palms

MCCS Events

29 Palms sunrise
and sunset times

Sunrise and sunset times

Meet Natural

Browse the Natural News Health Book Library:

1000 Cures for 200 Ailments:
Integrated Alternative and Conventional
Treatments for the Most Common Illnesses
By Marshall Editions From the Website: Natural News
Health News & Scientific Discoveries.

Natural Book Library click here

click here for Natural ... home

The 'evidence is clear'
- cell phone radiation causes
brain cancer,

scientists conclude
Wednesday, May 11, 2016
by: David Gutierrez, staff writer
Tags: cell phones, brain cancer,
scientific evidence

Cell phones and brain Cancer ... just what i need
from Natural News .com

May All Your Dreams
Come True

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for the fun of it!.

Dr. Alan Greenberg MD

Dr.Alan Greenberg MD almost all drugs are toxic

Classifieds for
29 Palms,
Yucca Valley,
Joshua Tree
and the Hi Desert
Morongo Basin

Food & Health

When you think about eating;
Think about Nutritional values; what does my body need to operate
at high efficiency?

Also what does my Immune System
need to operate at it's best?

Do something fun everyday for the pure Joy of it
this is good health for mind, body & spirit.

29 palms classifieds, yucca valley classifieds, joshua tree classifieds & hi desert classifieds

Front page
Features Articles & Reports
about the food we eat and our HEALTH
Eat for Nutritional Value
also get the other News, Issues & Concerns
Hi Desert, joshua tree classifieds, 29 palms classifieds & Yucca Valley

A Healthy Diet Helps People Live Longer, Even When They’re Already Old
Healthy Diet young and old ... nothing but good for your body
read the full report Click Here

You and your Immusne System
your best friend.

free classifieds at hi desert

The Immune System Review

The Sugar Report,
how much sugar does your body need each day?

about the world's
healthiest foods,
science & health tips,
food news and the
other news you may
have missed.

Click here for the
world's healthiest foods

Yucca Valley,& 29 Palms Classifieds

Real Estate
Joshua Tree California

Joshua Tree Real Estate

Joshua Tree Classifieds

Create Your Own Job & Job Ideas
Create Your Own Job & Job Ideas

Adwords Management

A Service That You Can Be PROUD
and CONFIDENT to Offer

Local Adwords Academy

You know the Advertising from Google you see on the top
and side of the page when you do a Google search, business
owners have no idea how to set these ads up without wasting
dollars, the job requires specialized expertise.

This is a business you can make a good income once
you learn the specialized expertise.
It does take time to learn but once you have the
knowledge you can earn a living offering this service.

Local Adwords Academy

Imagine Banking $10,000 a month
EVERY Business Owner Wants and Needs

Click Here for Local Adwords Academy

Joshua Tree Real Estate Services

Joshua Tree Firewood

Classified Directory

for Joshua Tree, 29 Palms & Yucca Valley
scroll down for Classifieds

Create your own job

Job ideas,
Articles about jobs,
Job links
& Internet marketing tools.
Job Resources Click Here

classifieds Yucca Valley, 29 Palms

Classifieds for 29 Palms, Yucca Valley,
Joshua Tree and the Hi Desert
Morongo Basin California

We have compiled the Best sites that accept free classifieds. Here you will find the list of the top Hi- Desert classifieds used by the local area. These websites provide free classified advertisements for selling and buying items, real estate, jobs, services, personals. I have gathered the Top active classifieds where you can post your ad completely free and view what the area has to offer.

HI-Desert Star Classifieds
Yucca Valley paper no free ads ... but local
Also good for the Obserbation Post

Penny Saver USA

High Desert jobs/monster

Hi desert Star/Observation post


High Desert Daily press

Craigs List Los

Best Buys

Hi Desert Publishing Co

The Morongo

High Desert

Green and White

Big Bear Grizzly


Yucca Valley

Palm Springs Classifieds Craigs

Yucca Valley Craigs list

29 Palms recycler classifieds

Twenty Nine Palms classifieds

29 Palms housning classifieds>

29 Palms Date hook up

Sarges MCAGCC 29 Palms Classifieds

Market Place Ads
Local listings from Daily Press, Desert Dispatch , Hesperia Star, Lucerne Valley Leader, Apple Valley Review and El Mojave

The Home School Classifieds
Home School classifieds

high desert

USA Medical Classifieds
Search for Medical Jobs & Supplies
Nationwide Free Medical Advertising
USA Medical Classifieds

The Desert Sun Classifieds
Introducing our new online system
Desert Sun Classifieds

Employment - Southern California Equestrian Directory
Complete guide to Southern California equestrian marketplace.
Promotional agent, Irvine CA Under the
You Can Post a FREE Classified Ad Here!
Southern Claifornia Equestrian Directory

Breaking Through Procrastination
Elisabeth McMillan
As we forge ahead with our 2016 Horse Business Challenge,
in an effort to help horse professionals prevail over the Dirty
Dozen Checklist, we find our members and newsletter subscribers
wrestling with familiar demons.
Equestrian Professional

Best Free Classifieds Websites
Best Free Classifieds Websites USA

High Desert.Com Classifieds
Local listings from Daily Press,
Desert Dispatch , Hesperia Star,
Lucerne Valley Leader, Apple Valley
Review and El Mojave
Market Place ads online

Christian Classifieds
- Jobs, Roommates, Business, Music
Classified Ads for networking Christians
throughout the United States for employment business
Page and want to submit it for consideration
for our Facebook Page
The Christian Classifieds USA

Christian Classified ads
Christian Clasifieds

Top 100 Best Classifieds list 2015-16|
Post Free ads in USA, Australia India,
UK.Post Ads for Buy-Sell, Business,
Services, Products
Top 100 Best Classifieds

Service Directory - ClassifiedLos Angeles Times
Service Directory Los Angeles Times

Classified Ads | Southern California Veterinary Medical
If you are an SCVMA member and would like to submit a classified,
please click on ... Voted 'Best of the High Desert' for 17 years
in a row - our busy, 5-doctor, ...
Southern California Veterinary Medical classifieds

Selling Online

Selling Online

Selling Tips

FOUR Things You Must Do To Get Classified Ads That SELL!
How to write them, where to put them, and what makes people buy.
by Dr. Kevin Nunley

You've heard the old saying, "It takes money to make money."
They might as well include "It takes BIG money to make big money."
The local furniture store that always has a TV commercial on the
evening news may be spending a million dollars or more each year to get those ads.

So what's a small or home-based business to do? How can you get AFFORDABLE
advertising that really works? When your budget is tight, use classified ads.
These small ads come in a variety of sizes, costs, and appear everywhere from
neighborhood newsletters to big national magazines to websites on the Internet.
1. Target your best prospects.
2. Write a good headline.
3. Keep the body of your ad short.
4. Track your ads.
Read More from ezine

Buying And Selling Tips for Classified Ads
tips brought to you by New York, NY Free Classifieds
Think of your Title is your advertising and your item description is your salesperson.
On the web, how your potential buyer perceives you and your product is everything
in a classified site.
Be sure to use power words in your title. Rare, Unique, Powerful,
New, Unusual, Stunning, Top Notch, First Class, etc.
Just be sure not to exaggerate. Don’t call something “rare” if it is not.
Writing a classified ad is the art of showcasing yourself and what you
sell to your buyer in the best possible light. It’s the most important
thing you have going for you in an ad. A carefully crafted sales ad
can increase your sales and traffic results exponentially

Local Newspapers

Global News & Isssues

Drudge Report
Coast to Coast AM
Media Roots
Truth Frequency Radio
Sean Stone reports

Selling Tips

1.PREPARE: Determine the items around your home that you no longer need.
Once you have collected these items, confirm that they are in working order
and in good selling condition. If items have been in storage for a long
period of time, you may need to clean them up to make them more attractive
to potential buyers.
2.RESEARCH: After all items are collected, do your research.
Determine the value of your items and decide whether it would
be worth you time and effort to place a classified ad.
Some things will do well on their own while others may
do better in a garage sale setting. If certain items do
not have enough value to justify placing an advertisement
and you are not interested in hosting a garage sale,
donate these items to a local charity for a nice tax deduction.
Read More Ad Sellint Tips

Knowing the Tricks and Tips of Free Classified Advertising

All free classified sites are not created equal.
You should focus on a few good sites and post your
ads regularly in those sites only. Your starting point
is Google search. Go to and search for “free classifieds”
and “free ads”. From the search result pages, visit 10 to 15 sites
and register in those sites. If a site asks too many questions
during the registration process, abandon the site and go to
the next site. Why should you have to provide all your personal
information for the site’s benefits? Good sites will only
ask minimal questions to setup your account so that you can edit,
delete and renew your ads. Also, look for sites that will allow
you to post without any registration.
Write a precise ad using 80 to 100 words. Write about
benefits of your products and services for ad viewers.
Try to think benefits in terms of generating extra income,
improving health and relationships and providing a sense of
good feelings when they use your products and services.
Read More from Small Biz

local news and tips

Hyper Pole and a half
Hyperbole and a Half is not really a web comic, but it isn't really a blog either. Basically, it has lots of pictures and words and it really tries hard to be funny.

Basin Wide Spirit Magazine

Front Page

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