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The magic of the Desert
Joshua Tree

Get to know the area.

Down Town Joshua Tree is know as the Village.

joshua Tree  down town know as the village
Nice photo by Jay Calderon
of the Desert Sun Magazine.

check out the Desert Sun Magaizne
The Desert Sun is a local daily newspaper
serving Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley
of Southern California.
Palm Springs is down the hill from the
location of Joshua Tree ca.
which is located in the HI Desert
or so the locals say.

About the Desert Sun Magazine

Is That Rain
That I Smell?

On Sat July 18 2015 we had a very nice summer rain,
at last, in Joshua Tree and in the early AM I was
walking Nicholas my fun dog and there was the smell
that occurs after every rain, my sister had asked
about the smell a few months ago on her last visit,
so i looked it up.
The aritcle is by Mojave, I
found the article on

Waking up the other morning to the smell of rain,
well actually the smell of Larrea-Tridentata was
so invigorating. After my lifelong obsession with
this botanical wonder I think that it is time to blog
about it. Being that this bush, commonly known as
the Creosote Bush is one of the most common plants
of the American Southwest, it exists abundantly in
the Mojave Desert but it also grows in most other
deserts of North America. Many people don't realize
that this plant is the reason that they love the smell
of rain in the desert. When I was a teenager and I
first realized that Creosote was the cause of that
wonderful smell I would spray them with a hose or
break a branch off and bring it inside the house and
rinse it in the sink to get that wonderful scent,
in fact I still do this from time to time.

Click here for the full article by Mojave
I do not like the smell as much as Mojave but
now I know the cause.

About Desert

Below information from the Desert site

DesertUSA is a comprehensive resource about the
North American deserts and Southwest destinations.
Learn about desert biomes while you discover how
desert plants and animals learn to adapt to the
harsh desert environment. Find travel information
about national parks, state parks, BLM land, and
Southwest cities and towns located in or near the
desert regions of the United States. Access maps
and information about the Sonoran Desert, Mojave
Desert, Great Basin Desert, and Chihuahuan Desert.

For desert
click here and
explore the deserts of the world

History notes
Joshua Tree

A history of Joshua Tree Ca
from the J.T.
click here for the full story

The earliest known history on the Joshua Tree community
is when homesteaders first filed on a site in the fall
of 1911. Within a few short years, the Joshua Tree Townsite
Company constructed its first offices along the Twentynine
Palms Road, close to the West Park Entrance. Then in 1938,
Congress passed the "Baby Homestead Act,"allowing five-acre,
non-agricultural homestead sites. Developers had hoped this
act would bring new settlers to the area but World War II
intervened. Instead, the war triggered gas rationing, restrictions
on building supplies, and prevented growth into the outlying desert
areas. By 1941, Joshua Tree's total population reached forty-nine
people with twenty-two occupied buildings.

Note: on this page do watch the video; MTJP | Joshua Tree

More Than Just a Park

is the culmination of nearly a month spent exploring Joshua
Tree National Park and a great video about the area.

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Note:Hey Lou we need to ad a
list of drinking spots in JT?

Joshua Tree
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Joshua Tree

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